Tour and beertasning


Tour and beertasting at the brewery

If you are curious to see where the beer is being brewed and hear a little about how it’s made, you can book a tour at the brewery.

The brewmaster will explain about the ingredients, the equipment and techniques.

You will heat about the story of the brewery, the different beer types and as part of the tour, woul’ll be sampling 5 different types of beer, showing a bit of the width of our product range.

A tour with beertasting can be booked for a minimum of 5, it lasts an hour to an hour and a half, it have to be booked in advance and costs 150 dkk per person.

Beertasting at your place

We are more than happy to come to you and do a tasting, we do this for companies and privates alike and brings 8 different samples for you to enjoy, while we entertain with our beers, beer styles, how to brew and what it’s like to be a brewmaster.

We do of course have a starting fee, but feel free to call us if you’re interested, it may not be as expensive as you think.